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11 May 2014

D-Day at Last: Kapiti Wargames Club Open Day

D-Day: Sword Beach at Kapiti Wargames Club Open Day 2014.

We are barely 3 weeks out from the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings on 6 June 2014.

I have been preparing for several months for a large-scale 20mm Flames of War game. The boards are painted and flocked, most of the troops, armour and planes ready, bar some national markings that got left off. Anyhow we loaded the boards and miniatures and headed off to Paraparaumu. Unfortunalely quite a few of our Generals, experienced and otherwise had to pull out either due to business or family commitments.

Les could only make it for the opening volleys of the game, and had to leave early. Others could not make it at all. Suitable replacements were found, never the less, and a great day of gaming was had by all!

Protagonists at Sword Beach
Allied forces attacking Gold, Juno, and Sword Beaches faced

German units of LXXXIV Corps under General der Artillerie Erich Marcks:

716th Infanterie-Division Logo.svg

                                      Inf Div. Insignia     Pz Div Insignia
  • 716th (Static) Infantry Division under Generalleutnant Wilhelm Richter. At 7,000 troops, the division was significantly understrength, and included Ost Truppen, Soviet PoWs who elected to serve in German Uniform rather than go to PoW camps.
  • 736th Infantry Regiment
  • 1716th Artillery Regiment
  • 21st Panzer Division under Generalmajor Edgar Feuchtinger: Included 146 tanks and 50 assault guns, plus supporting infantry and artillery.

British and Canadian zones (The latter landed at Colville, ignored for purposes of this game)

Royal Marines Commandos attached to 3rd Infantry Division move inland from Sword Beach, 6 June 1944
Commander, Second Army (Britain and Canada): Lieutenant General Sir Miles Dempsey

Overall, the Second Army contingent consisted of 83,115 men, 61,715 of them British. The nominally British air and naval support units included a large number of personnel from Allied nations, including several RAF squadrons manned almost exclusively by overseas air crew.

                                                       3rd Infantry Corps Insignia
  • British I Corps, commanded by Lieutenant General John Crocker
  • British 3rd Infantry Division: Major General Tom Rennie
  • British 6th Airborne Division: Major General R.N. Gale
  • 79th Armoured Division: Major General Percy Hobart

Facing the landing beaches from the sea: Ouistreham, Lion-sur Mer and farms outside Hermanville-sur-mer in the Distance. The German HQ is situated in the Casino Riva Bella, with the artillery observation tower at left (Allied and German objective) LeFH 18 battery at Hermanville, protected by Flak 38 and Pak 40, Vierling Flak on Halftrack. The road from Hermanville runs down the centre, with the road to Merville leading off the board to the left, Luc -sur-Mer to the right. Heavy MGs on Pillbox and bunker

Luc-sur-Mer, with artillery emplacement (88mm) and 75mm turret bunker (Right), Ost truppen dug in (The weakest link) Heavy MG in pillbox. Road to Lion-sur-Mer and Ouistreham to left, Colville to right.
Nebelwerfer rocket artillery in the fields beyong Luc-sur-Mer (substituting for Wurframen static rockets, as I have none), again supported by an 88 and a 37mm Flak on a halftrack.

Ouistreham harbour and fuel Deport (Objective 2) Protected by Light (bipod) and heavy (Pillbox) MG, 20mm twin AA gun  and Flak Vierling, Ost Truppen of 716 Div.

Rockets at the ready, some Ost Truppen to protect the artillery, and the Luftwaffe half-heartedly manning their 88mm Flak

Heer (Wehrmacht) Artillery. They accounted for more Allied casualties in WW2 than all the Tiger tanks put together. In this case LeFH18 (Light Field Howitzers) 105 mm guns.

The Guns of Merville Battery: Objective 3: 6th Airborne: Parachute brigade

Pegasus Bridge (Orne River): Objective 4: 6th Airborne: Air landing Companies 

22nd Dragoons Sappers (Demolition teams) are the first to land

RAF supplying areal support with Hawker Typhoons. Nick, the Supreme Allied commander rains rockets on the dug in Germans of  716. Infaterie Div.

AVRE Bunker-busters, Hobart's "Funnies" arrive at long last to swiftly clear the defenses at Luc-sur-Mer

LCVPs and DUKWs landing more sappers at Lion-sur-Mer. Unfortunately for them within range of the Nebelwerfers and the heavy machine-guns

Stugs of the 21. Panzerdivision arrive via Hermanville en route to Lion-sur-Mer, and Ouistreham

Yours truly deploying the 21.Pz Division Stug platoon

Sherman wade ashore near the Casino

The second wave of Allied Commanders achieve a break-through at Luc-sur-Mer. The Allies suffered an unusually high rate of casualties amongst both commanders and field officers. 
Supreme Commander Nick urging his generals to increased efforts. He ascribed the high rate of loss of field officers to the Germans being instructed to pick out the British officers.

Hobart's funnies, Shermans and Wolverines pouring from assaulting landing craft and into the gap created by the Dragoon Sappers, but too little, too late ?

Strange how games and history often reflect what actually happened given a well written rule set.
The Allies knew that the Germans would be a hard nut to crack!
Full Batrep to follow...

Generals Repose: Nick and Sam havin' a break at the end of the day

8 May 2014

Slogging on with D-Day preparation

Whoohoo... D-Day Prep: The Slog

I had no idea how much work a large-scale Sword Beach D-Day invasion would bring about. Effectively we are talking 3, well probably 4 games in one. Thankfully my family piled in at the weekend to help with prepping. A most welcome, even if unusual situation for my wife, who has up to now kept her distance from wargaming in any form other than logistical support. I was most grateful that she took up a paint roller in support yesterday!

D D Day Landings Infographic

The total board is 4.8 metres wide, 3 separate gaming boards, inter-connected:
Peter, Queen and Roger sectors as below

1600mm x 800mm :

The 2 x beach approaches at Luc-sur Mer and Lion/Hermanville-sur-Mer, and the harbour approach to Ouistreham. These are protected by bunkers, a turret bunker and MG posts.

Then 3 x 1600 x 1600 - the Villages as above and Ouistreham with the Casino and artillery observation bunker (German HQ), The Pegasus bridge over the Orne River and  the canal lock in the Orne canal; and Normandy pasture and fields beyond that.
In this is seated the Merville battery, field batteries and Wiederstandsnester (Resistance points) of the German occupiers.

Allies have unlimited supply of troops and equipment,  (have to be landed, though, on beach or by air, limited amount per turn) air superiority and Germans have to roll to see if things get any better than the actual events went for them. One in 3 chance of a "booby prize"
I.e. SS Reinforcements, Luftwaffe support, no command interference from Hitler, vs attack by Partisans, devastating artillery fire by allies, rebelling or collapsing Ost Truppen.

Typical Beach defenses, as found at Ohama and other landings

Allied Side

Player 1 (Allied, Roger sector)

  • Conducts the Allied Airborne assault: Objectives- the two bridges, and the Merville Battery, secure route to Caen
  • Troops at disposal: British Parachute Company - Objective Merville Battery, parachute drop
  • British Airlanding Company -  Objective Pegasus Bridge, air landing by glider
  • Commando Company (Inclusive of Free French)  - Objective Ouistreham, then link up with Airborne troops to hold bridges (lands in second wave of beach landings)
  • Uses D-Day Minus 1 rule-set

Player 2 (Allied, Queen sector)

  • Conducts seaborne landing: Objective take Luc-sur-Mer (Brit Infantry) and the German Headquarters at the Casino (Commandos, land in 2nd wave); overcome beach defenses and eliminate inland emplacements and defenses (Wiederstands nester); progress towards Caen
  • Uses Festung Europa/Bloody Ohama rule-set

Player 3 (Allied, Peter sector)

  • Conducts seaborne landing: Objective take Lion/Herman-sur-Mer (Brit Infantry) and overcome beach defenses and eliminate inland emplacements and defenses (Wiederstands nester); Progress towards Caen
  • Uses Festung Europa/Bloody Ohama rule-set

Churchill AVRE: One of Hobart's "Funnies"

Allies have access to Hobart's funnies; Air superiority. Limitless supply of troops. Troops killed are placed back in reserve for next assault landing wave

Axis Side

Player 1 (Axis)

  • Defends Ouistreham, Merville Battery, route to Caen
  • Troops at disposal: German Infantry Merville Battery
  • Pegasus Bridge, German Infantry, Artillery crews
  • Divisional support, 21st SS Panzer Brigade in support
  • Uses Festung Europa/Bloody Ohama rule-set

Hemmbalken - log ramps designed to overturn and rip out the bottoms of allied landing craft
Been building a few of these! Could have mines or metal teeth attached to them 

Player 2 (Axis)

  • Defend Luc-sur-Mer (German Infantry) and the German Headquarters at the Casino; beach defenses and Inland emplacements and defenses (Wiederstands nester); guard route to Caen
  • Troops at disposal: German Infantry
  • Luftwaffe Artillery
  • Ost Truppen (Soviet PoWs who swopped sides) - Latter units both reluctant trained
  • Divisional support
  • Uses Festung Europa/Bloody Ohama rule-set

Belgian Gate being put in position

Player 3 (Axis)

Tzechen Egel: Czech Hedgehogs in position

  • Defend Luc-sur-Mer (German Infantry) and the road to Oustreham; beach defenses and Inland emplacements and defenses (Wiederstands nester); guard route to Caen
  • Troops at disposal: German Infantry
  • Luftwaffe Artillery (not keen on shooting at tanks)
  • Ost Truppen (Soviet PoWs who swopped sides) - Latter units both reluctant trained
  • Divisional support
  • Uses Festung Europa/Bloody Ohama rule-set
German Reserves and Wild Cards:
21 Panzer Division

19 March 2014

D-Day 's a'coming: Kapiti Wargames Club open day

70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings

We are planning for this year's Kapiti Wargames Club open day in May. I thought it appropriate that we consider doing a D-Day Landing theme this year, being the 70th Anniversary of the event that turned the tide against the Germans in Europe (well, ok, on the Western Front)

 By this time the Battle of Kursk (clicky for last years battle report) had already happened, and the Germans were retreating on the Eastern Front, but still far from beaten.

I'm hoping the Kapiti FoW group will come to the party again, and put on another of their dazzling displays.

My own intent is to re-fight Sword Beach landings, mostly Queen sector, and poss Ouistreham. On looking at the maps of this area I discovered that there was 2 towns embroiled in the battle that carry my name and that of my son; Hermanville-sur-Mer and Luc-sur-Mer. I would appreciate it if anyone had more detailed maps of the German emplacements in this area, specifically the widerstandsnester (strong points).