7 October 2012

What is an army without opposition ?

Having spent some time on refurbishing my Wehrmacht and expanding its capabilities, it was only fair to do the same for my Allied armies. The Russians in particular were under strength  with regards to tanks and artillery.

This was soon rectified by adding a couple of T34/76s and IS 2s, a refurbished M40 155mm SP Howitzer

The Artillery received a couple of towed howitzers, 17 and 14 pounder guns, complete with tractors and limbers.Softskinned vehicles for support and HQ use.

A GMC truck with a .50 cal mounted, and two M3s with the same for troop transports

M3s with 75mm antitank guns act as tank destroyers. The first troops to receive a lick of paint were the Late War European Front Brits. The Yankees and Russkis are still languising without base coats. Have at least been removed off the sprues. A box full of ANZACs and Gurkas have also been obtained via Trademe, as well as some 8th Army Africa/Italy Commonwealth troops.

IS 2s (Josef (Iosef) Stalin), Sherman Jumbos and SP Howitzer

M3 Half track Troop Carriers and Tank Destroyers

Late war Sherman Fireflies and Churchill VI

"Easy-Eight" Sherman and GMC truck toting .50 cal MG

More Shermans


Alongside the IS2s to show relative size

Morris Gun Tractors with 17lb and 14lb Guns, Howitzers, German Summer Army in background


  1. You have clearly been collecting and making plastic tanks for a long time!
    I have made a few of these in my time, but I get frustrated with the soft plastic they (airfix ones) use for the tracks. I have not yet found a reliable glue to stick it easily...

    The Plastic Soldier Company ones I have made recently were far better and easier to assemble...

  2. I have been looking at the Plastic soldier 20mm range. The soft plastic tracks drive me to distraction! Have taken to using Hot glue acrylic with Army Painter's Magic Accelerator. (Ex Slave to Painting in ChCh; allows it to set in seconds. Time will tell how long it will last.