28 October 2012

Historical Battles

The next 3 years will see the 70th Anniversary of some of history's most significant battles 
(Certainly from a WW2 Wargamer's point of view.)

Battles that have proved decisive as turning points in history, made great and famous generals, and ruined others. Battles that may have gone differently, if supreme commanders had not not interfered, if better lines of supply been available, if, if, if...

(Now that was a V for victory sign, wasn't it?)

The stuff that wargames are made of...The variables, the role of luck, the role of fate, the role of intelligence, the role of the weather, the role of...you know!

20th Century warfare's decisive land battles loom ahead, starting with the 2nd Battle of El Alamein.
Many wargamers are already getting ready for Kursk, the greatest tank battle ever!

I have purposely themed my repaint and expension of German Armoured Forces so that they will do for the North African, Italian and Eastern Fronts.

Get Ready, El Alamein is at hand!

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