26 August 2013

KWC refights Kursk: Prokhorovka

The Kapiti Wargames Club re-fought 

The Battle of Kursk's deciding battle, Prokhorovka, at the weekend:

Much like the initial stages of Operation Zitadelle it appeared that Army Group South may succeed in encircling the Soviets:

More photos and brief battle report on the KWC website:


  1. Had a great day. Really love the large scale game stuff. Could have gone on playing for a day or two. Still had reserves off the table on both side. I still had Motorised Gepanzerde Panzerpioniere, a full SS Pz Grenadier Infantry Unit and My General w command Tiger and 2nd IC in a PzKfz IV off the table, Soviets had several Strelkovy Units and another tank unit to come, with M4s and Lees boxed in. I suspect the game may have gone the other way if we did not have to vacate the room.