12 June 2013

Kapiti Wargames Club Open Day, Call for help from FoWers

Kapiti Wargaming Club Open Day:

  Call for Help from FoWers

Hi everyone. The Kapiti Wargames Club will be having an Open Day on Saturday 30 June 2013.
We hope to promote Wargaming regionally as a hobby and pastime as a whole, not just our club.

The event will be our second, with our first visit attracting well over a 100 visitors last year. 
(Infant steps yet) We plan to feature Warhammer Fantasy and 40K games, Flames of War in 20mm, Napoleonics/7-year war, and Starwars X-Wing games, and more

BUT we have run into a bit of difficulty finding members who are able to do a FoW Demo game in 15mm.

The date seems to clash with the FoW tournament schedule. :(

This is an appeal to regional FoW players not involved in the tournament. Would any of you be interested in doing a demo game on the day ? Any other period or scale is  of course also welcome. Just drop me a comment and we can discuss details.


  1. We may be available after all... will advise... regards Scott & Paul.

  2. Herman, what are guys doing in 1/72 FoW on 30th June? We could either theme ours to match yours or deliberately do something different for some variation on the day... Any preference from you?

    PS - sorry about confusion over our availability; PzSk is 21-22 July in Palmy and CTA is 3-4 August in Wello... for some reason I had thought your KWC event was end of July, not June...

  3. Fantastic News! Would be great to see you there. Luc and I plan on a 1943-44 Western Front France/Defending the Reich game. I have most of my Germans based up for FoW now, and likewise my Brits, working on the Russians as we speak.

    We really wouldn't mind either way in terms of a theme. May be a good idea to offer two different themes.

    The "Armourgeddon" Kursk Battle is planned for 25 August (Sunday) ‘armour’ theme in remembrance of the 75th anniversary of the largest armour battle ever – the Battle of Kursk FoW/ WW2 and modern armour and 40k. You'd be welcome there too.

    1. Great, we'll be there then... we have decided to do a Mid War 1675pt battle, Eastern Front... going to give Dust Up a try out; a mobile battle that requires you to both hold ground and attack, and with reserves coming fromm the flanks... should be interesting!