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12 June 2013

Kapiti Wargames Club Open Day, Call for help from FoWers

Kapiti Wargaming Club Open Day:

  Call for Help from FoWers

Hi everyone. The Kapiti Wargames Club will be having an Open Day on Saturday 30 June 2013.
We hope to promote Wargaming regionally as a hobby and pastime as a whole, not just our club.

The event will be our second, with our first visit attracting well over a 100 visitors last year. 
(Infant steps yet) We plan to feature Warhammer Fantasy and 40K games, Flames of War in 20mm, Napoleonics/7-year war, and Starwars X-Wing games, and more

BUT we have run into a bit of difficulty finding members who are able to do a FoW Demo game in 15mm.

The date seems to clash with the FoW tournament schedule. :(

This is an appeal to regional FoW players not involved in the tournament. Would any of you be interested in doing a demo game on the day ? Any other period or scale is  of course also welcome. Just drop me a comment and we can discuss details.

7 February 2013

Of Hobbits, Cars, Trains and Aeroplanes

Of Hobbits, Cars, Trains and Aeroplanes

Thought I'd share this with all you Aeroplane, Wargaming and Hobbit Fans out there: Some really quirky accommodation we slept in while on a road trip in January:

Link to better pictures of the hobbit holes and the plane on my aeroplane blog: