20 March 2014

Beguile: Lets baffle them with beauty while we steal Ukraine's Warships

Clever politics: The Honey Pot reinvented by Russia

How to distract the male population of the west from what we are really doing:
Let's put an attractive girl in a uniform, and make her the spokesperson for the new Republic of Crimea.

Natalia Poklonskaya, Crimea's new Attorney General

Distract the media with our honeypot, block the escape of any Ukranian warships, and while no-one's looking we'll quickly send some militia to take over these ships.

Takeover: A man in an unmarked uniform and wearing a mask holds a gun as he climbs aboard the Ukrainian corvette Khmelnitsky in Sevastopol, Crimea

Masked gunmen take over Ukrainian ships in port

Trapped: The Ukrainian ship Ternopil  is seen in the harbour in Sevastopol as a Russian ship blocks its exit

Trapped: The Ukrainian ship Ternopil is seen in the harbour in Sevastopol as a Russian ship blocks its exit

Call me cynical, but someone once wrote that Warfare is Man's second most favourite pastime. 

Clearly the thinking here is that the favourite pastime will divert attention from the second favourite. Clearly it has. Spawning Manga images by the dozens, her looks have diverted attention from the gravity of the situation. Devious.


Stuff NZ has showcased her looks, (Clicky) but all but ignored the first death by shooting and annexation of the Ukranian fleet in Sebastopol:

Surrounded: Russian naval vessels block the Ukrainian ship Slavutich (pictured left) at her mooring in Sevastopol, Crimea, on Thursday

Ukranian ship blocked in: photo Reuters (Daily mail)




  1. In the states you would think that the only thing happening is the Malaysian aircraft disappearance, there
    is very little coverage on the Ukraine. Of course this stands to reason as our media doesn't wish to
    point out the ineptness of our leadership in this debacle. As the old Chinese curse goes "my you live
    in interesting times", here we go......

  2. The missing 'plane is the top story here in the UK too. Crimea does seem to have taken on the form of "a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing". Not like Malaysia then.
    That said, while I was reading this post (well OK, looking at the first two photos) someone could easily have stolen my navy....