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31 March 2014

New rattling of the sabre: The Koreas this time

More Sabre Rattling: US and South Korea conduct landing exercises

At first I thought these pictures were Photoshopped. (Anyway, that's what my mind screamed)

Looking all to much like the Flying Spagetti Monster, a bit of research showed the images to be genuine and  accurate, and I even uncovered a video (see link) of the joint US and South Korean military execise. The smoke rings/donuts are from smoke shells fired as part of the practice. Retouching may have gone a bit far on the 1st image. Photos from across the net, no copyright infringement intended. Happy to credit where it's due.

This looks only a wee bit fake. Sunlight lighting up the images, or Photoshop running riot?
Most likely due to over-saturation with yellow and sharpening of the images

More lifelike images from the opposite side