16 April 2015

ANZAC Diorama: Funnies and Bloopers, and THAT DARN CAT !

ANZAC Diorama: Bloopers and that Darn Cat!

So the ANZAC diorama excitement slowly winds down. The exhibition is getting ready to open, and the final credits are about to roll. So how better to end than with a few bloopers and funnies ? A photo tells a 1000 stories. Or does it?

The road to Chunuk Bair is paved with unusual models:

The ANZAC Zombie Apocalypse

Scenes from an ice rink ?

You brought the Boombox ! Yeah!

I've got the night fever, night fever... yeah!

Ha-ha ha-ha Stayin' aliiiiive!

Stayin' alive

Stayin' alive

Stayin' aliiive


Forget all this miniature painting. We have discovered MILLINERY!

And then, when we started unpacking the last models...
Sniff! Sniff! What's that smell and this stuff on the miniatures? (and our hands?)

Ooh! I'll kill that cat!

"Dinner for One", (or The 90th Birthday)  a comedy sketch by Brit Lauri Wylie.
German television station Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) recorded a performance in 1963, in the  original English with a short introduction in German. This comedy sketch went on to become the most frequently repeated TV programme ever. 

What do you mean the box was for the models? 

And then there was the models that went missing in action...

Reinhold, was transporting nine New Zealand figures he had just finished painting. Whilst putting his gear into the car, he placed the box of soldiers and a wooden stand on the roof and (gulp!) forgot about them as he drove off.

Two hours later at the Marklin Model Railway Club, where he was to show the soldiers that night, he realised the figures weren't in the boot. With horror, it dawned on him what had happened. Immediately he went back to find them, but it was already dark. All he could find was the wooden stand.

Next day he searched again, with no luck. He even went through the rubbish containers as someone might have thrown the box in the rubbish - nothing!

On Monday, he designed and printed 40 flyers, went along Ward Street and put flyers into letterboxes and onto power poles.

That evening, a young chap rang: "I found your soldiers. Good that you put that flyer in my letterbox." First thing Tuesday morning Reinhold picked up his soldiers undamaged, much to his relief. He gave the young chap who was living in a simple flat a cash reward. Tuesday evening he was able to deliver the nine Kiwis, plus another ten he had finished, to his team coordinator ~ from Roly's blog

and our youngest painter, Mortimer Campbell:

Does anyone have any other funny moments we could add? 

...and then there is the caption competition (clicky)


  1. Excellent synopsis! Pretty sure I wasnt doing anything too nefarius to Brians hat... but I'll be buggered if I can remember what I was actually doing at that point! ;-)

  2. Lol Scott. I think you were actually filing away at mould-lines. The hat just happened to get in the way of the photo. But seeing as you have used the word nefarious...anyhow, Roly seems to approve of what you were doing!