14 August 2012


All right, here we go...

Got bitten by the blogger thing, along with my obsession with plastic soldiers and wargaming (amongst other things obsessive) and my compulsion to paint and build models. Relatively benign as most OCD traits go, methinks.

I have just recently rediscovered my 1/72 WW2 Armies, and suitable opponents at the Kapiti Wargames Club.
Things have changes quite a bit since Donald Featherstone and Lionel Tarr's rules we played in the late 70s and early 80s. We've been using the free skirmish rules based on 5th Ed 40K available online at a yahoo forum as " Warhammer WW2".

 I have been into Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy Battles for the last 5-6 years, but have found the constantly changing landscape, rules, constant "arms race" with regards to the latest model and monster is just becoming a tad tedious and expensive.

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